The raison(s) d'être

  1. Humans have historically been explorers; from looking into the dark starry sky with tiny telescopes & figuring out the sun being the host star, to placing the ingenious James-Webb Space Telescope looking further back in time, we have always been intrigued by: How it all came to be ?. It discomforts me: How do we know more about the cosmos authored by the brain/mind, than knowing about the author in the first place ?

  2. Even though the necessary ingredients that go into making a person a person don’t vary much between people, everyone is pretty unique – driven by rich experiences, perception and so on. I wonder if there is at all a point of divergence ?

  3. Not being completely dismissive of the (other) idea(s) of Philosophy of Mind philosophically; I am more inclined towards the physical phenomenon view of consciousness. I am particularly interested in the emergence of consciousness via the biological neural networks. I wonder would there be consciousness levels explicable with the scientific methods ?

To realize the mentioned:

During my PhD, it has been set out to study using Multimodal Neuroimaging setup as it provides access to complementary knowledge in space and time. Besides, I use Graph Signal Processing1, coupled with Deep Learning to shed more lights in a data-driven and/or hypothesis-driven way.

Godspeed !

  1. Framework that aims at studying the spectral properties of the graph – modeled using Graph Theory – laplacian with the help of the classical fourier transform but on the irregular domain.